Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hot links, getcher hot links here

Happy Tuesday!

  • A post at Writer Beware Blogs! which links to the Writer Beware Small Press Page, a resource to help authors evaluate a small press; things to know before you trust them with your beloved manuscript (Cassandra)
  • PaperRater, for grammar and spelling and other checks. Looks like it's geared toward students, using algorithms and perhaps sorcery to evaluate a paper based on criteria such as word choice (h/t to John R)
  • The Review Review, a compendium of literary journals, including reviews of issues. Cool! (h/t to Elizabeth H)
  • Flash Fiction Challenge: Smashing Sub-Genres, a call to flex your most creative muscles by randomly combining two sub-genres from a list. From Terrible Minds, the blog of author Chuck Wendig. Official deadline is Friday, May 17; participants are invited to post links to their +/- 1000-word stories in the comments to the original post. We'd love it if any participating Sockmonkeys decided to link in the comments here, too. Good-time fun. Now let's see those Southern Gothic Techno-Thrillers, people. One thousand words. You can do it. (Cassandra)

I think that's it for this week. As always, if I overlooked something please drop a link in the comments. Happy writing.

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