Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh dear. It's been a while. (And it is Tuesday, isn't it?)

...these were all I could find from what I have to admit was a cursory scroll-back through the Facebook page. Sorry for missing a few weeks; I just started a new job and everything is chaotic. (Excuses, excuses. Now sit back and listen to all my excuses for losing July's Camp NaNoWriMo! Much more exciting than the little I did manage to get written in July, at any rate.)

Congratulations to everyone who won Camp, and here's to me not forgetting to update this blog. 

If I overlooked any linky goodness, comment on this post with the good stuff. If you're interested in Self-Promotion Saturday, please send me and Shelly a message via the book of faces. 

Keep writing; we're seeing tons of posts on Facebook updating us about progress made on first drafts and revisions, and it's heartwarming. Keep writing. (Self, are you listening?)

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