Saturday, May 4, 2013

A round of applause please and a warm Sockmonkey welcome to our own beloved Sarah Jayne Carr, author of--well, I'll let Sarah tell you:

Conspiracy theories? Undesirable super powers? Murder? Lies? Betrayal?

A conversation with a stranger changes Amelia Hamilton's life forever. When she learns her grandfather faked his own death, normalcy slips from Amelia's grasp. To make matters worse, he is coming for her in less than seven days. What she hasn't determined is why.

Join the Insurance Agency and the Physician Coalition in their fight for dominance. Be careful. You, too, might be subjected to JackRabbit7 if you don't heed the warnings within the pages.

"The openness and honesty of Carr's storytelling marks her as a writer of truly noble character. She isn't afraid to cut herself and bleed over the pages for the sake of breathing life into the story." - Hannah Whalen

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Thank you, Sarah! Enjoy your Saturdays, everyone. The weather's supposed to be, like, nice or something?

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